We are happy to receive submissions from fiction and non-fiction authors with the proviso that the subject matter has a connection to policing and the Thin Blue Line. This could be a crime thriller, a police procedural, a history of an aspect of policing and crime, an autobiography, an anthology of poems, a collection of blog writing, even science fiction or fantasy – why not?

We offer services to authors if they have an ambition to self-publish by assisting with editorial, book design, brand identity, promotion and marketing, and PR services.

We are also interested in authors with book proposals or track records that have strong commercial potential and could be published under the Greenfield Productions imprint

We are also supportive of writers who are looking to use a little of our web space to publish a “guest writer” article on a topic that relates to policing and the Thin Blue Line.

Guidelines for submission of your book proposal

Complete your proposal as fully as possible. The information you provide allows us to give your work the fully informed consideration it deserves.

Make sure you give as much detail about the proposed content and structure of your book as you can. Supply some supporting materials where possible or appropriate, such as a sample chapter.

Think carefully about the intended readership for your book and existing competing titles. How does your book differ from or complement them?

Be sure to cover all the practicalities: the likely word count, inclusion of images or copyright material, your proposed delivery date and whether there are any digital or mixed media considerations to be aware of.

In short, the more you can tell us about the book at this early stage, the better the feedback and guidance we will be able to give you

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Guidelines for submission for a guest writer’s blog piece 

Word length should be more than 500 words with an upper limit of 3,000 words of original content. We check for plagiarism.

Your writing is to be supplied as a word document plus any accompanying images. Images must be copyright cleared and attributed unless original. A short biography is useful too. We proofread and if necessary copy-edit your submission if given the green light for publication on our website.

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In 1887, 19 year-old William Foyle crossed the threshold of Winchester Police Station in Hampshire and so began a new and extraordinary life. So You Want To Be a Peeler, Eh Boy? is a unique memoirs based on the diaries and journals of Police Sergeant William Foyle and his eldest daughter Ellen. Kept in the loft of Ellen’s daughter for several decades they were unearthed by William’s great grandson, John Greenfield, who transcribed them for publication.

William’s personal trajectory from a life of rural impoverishment in Wiltshire to successful Police Officer in two Constabularies – Hampshire and the Isle of Wight – reveals his profound, personal dedication to the principles established by Sir Robert Peel, an ethos and practice which still constitute and shape today’s Police Constabularies in the United Kingdom.

A deeply moving policing family’s account of life on the front line in the late Victorian era and the period of two World Wars, it speaks eloquently to those wishing to rise above the challenges of their personal circumstances.

Hardback £9.99 plus p&p

Paperback £8.50 plus p&p