JH Greenfield Family Settlement

The Greenfield family have long been aware of the existence of the policing memorabilia kept in an elderly relative’s loft. When it was re-examined recently with a fresh perspective by John Greenfield it quickly became very apparent this was not just a sentimental collection kept for the family’s sole enjoyment and reminiscence. It was so much more.

Instead, its value lies in the historical and auto-biographical record it provides of the fascinating realm of policing, police methods, crime and punishment, and its intersection with the rapidly changing social fabric of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, nationally and communally. As a result of this new insight a decision was made by the family to ensure the collection is preserved for future generations. 

Whilst the collection of diaries, images, letters, and many other policing items is very dear to the family it does not have a particular monetary value. Various legal mechanisms to best protect and preserve the integrity of the collection were discussed with the result of the creation of a Trust; the JH Greenfield Family Settlement.

Under this entity the family will retain all of the items under one legal umbrella. The Trust will own the physical items and all Intellectual Property Rights vested in them. As there may be interest from museums, libraries,  historians, producers, dramatists, writers and other parties in the collection, the Trustees are able to agree to loaning or licensing any part or parts it, which will ensure that the collection will be protected at all times but also available to those who are interested in it.